International Migration

The following session of the Working Group “International Migration” is scheduled to be presented at the 14th EADI General Conference:

ID Session name Date&Time Room
WGS171 Highly Qualified Return Migrants and Home Country Development 25/06, 2.45pm S18


Contributions of Highly Qualified Return Migrants to the Development of their Country of Origin

International MigrationThe early 21st century has brought a rebound in the political, public and scientific discussion about the migration of highly-qualified labor force, as movement patterns as well as political and economic priorities have change dramatically as compared to the late 20th century. As the global “war for talents” is becoming stiffer and “brain circulation” a common way of life among the human capital elite, questions about the determinants, consequences and what is “best” for countries of origin, host countries, and the migrants themselves have come into the fore.  Being aware that these interest groups are far from being homogenous, across them and within them, and conflicts of interest are prevalent, considerable evidence and research is still required for getting a broader picture to support adequate policy framing of this phenomenon. Taking the perspective of economically less developed countries which might lose by the out-migration of highly educated, but win by their return as more qualified labor force, possible transfers of capital and secondary education effects, our panel intends to discuss the potential benefits for the return destinations, the conditions under which such benefits would materialize, incentives for return and finally encouraging policy options, with a focus on empirical studies and experiences. Economic, social and political aspects could be considered.

Convener: Prof. Dr. Beatrice Knerr (University of Kassel)