Global Learning Meets Development

Following sessions of the Working Group “Global Learning Meets Development” are scheduled to be presented at the 14th EADI General Conference:

ID Session name Date&Time Room
WGS131 Collaborations, Encounters and Partnerships: New Spaces for Citizenship and Learning 24/06, 2.30pm S34
WGS132 International Volunteering and Development: Learning to be a Global Citizen? 24/06, 5pm S34
WGS133 Education and Development: Globalisation, Inequality and Citizen Engagement 25/06, 2.45pm S34
WGS134 Global Civil Society and Responsible Development: Changing Relationships? 26/06, 2.30pm S34


Enabling Responsible Development and Active Citizenship: The Role of Education

Global Learning Meets DevelopmentThis call for papers fits the objective of the working group on ‘Global Learning meets Development’ and particularly welcomes contributions from scholars and practitioners working in or on themes related to:

  • Development Education and Global Learning
  • Public engagement in development
  • Global citizenship, cosmopolitanism and education
  • Education and citizenship
  • International volunteering, experiential learning and development
  • Informal learning and development
  • The place and role of education in development post-2015

 In an increasingly polycentric world characterized by multiple centres of influence and responsibility for global development, there is an accompanying need to recognize multiple understandings and interpretations of what responsible development entails. This call for papers focuses on the role of education – understood broadly – within this process, and the role of citizens in shaping responsible and inclusive development pathways which lead to greater global justice.  We welcome proposals which critically address some of the following questions:

  • In a polycentric world, who defines what is responsible development and who is responsible for it? Whose knowledge(s) inform development practice and discourse?
  • What is the role of education in the quest for responsible development?
  • What is the role of education in enabling citizens to actively contribute to creating a world of greater social justice?
  • What is the responsibility of civil society organisations or the state in fostering citizens engagement in global development?
  • How do debates about active citizenship and education relate to the middle classes?

 This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome proposals on related topics that have an educational or global citizenship dimension. If you have an idea for a contribution that does not fit the conventional presentation format, please get in touch.

Abstracts needed to be submitted bye 15th December. If you would like to discuss an idea for a paper or contribution, contact Matt.Baillie-Smith[at] or Amy.Skinner[at]

Conveners: Tobias Troll (Developing Europeans’ Engagement for the Eradication of Global Poverty) & Matt Baillie Smith (Centre for International Development, Northumbria University)