Development Aid of the Non-DAC Donors

Following sessions of the Working Group “Development Aid of the Non-DAC Donors” are scheduled to be presented at the 14th EADI General Conference

ID Session name Date&Time Room
WGS041 Development Aid of the Non-DAC Donors (I) 24/06, 2.30pm S27/S28
WGS042 Development Aid of the Non-DAC Donors (II) 24/06, 2.30pm S27/S28
WGS043 Development Aid of the Non-DAC Donors (III) 25/06, 2.45pm S27/S28


The Middle Classes, Changing Domestic Politics and International Development Cooperation

Development Non-DACThe rise of the non-DAC donors in recent years has prompted much academic discussion about the nature of these donors, especially in comparison to their DAC counterparts. One topic that has been missing in some of the debate has been the domestic politics of international development cooperation in the non-DAC states. Given the anticipated role of the middle classes in shaping public opinion and therefore domestic policies, this topic is both contemporary and worthy of discussion.

The Working Group is seeking papers that speak to the broad conference theme and in particular, papers that address the specific topic of ‘the middle classes, changing domestic politics and international development cooperation’. In particular, we are seeking papers that explore the attitudes of the (emerging) middle classes in recipient countries towards the topic of international development as well as the consequences of disappearing middle class in some of the non-DAC countries, experiencing economic downturn. In many states, the issue of their country’s involvement in international development cooperation has not yet fully entered public debate. We therefore  encourage papers that explore public opinion in non-DAC donors, papers that explore the drivers behind development cooperation (a religiously-informed discourse of solidarity or a more inward looking charity begins at home discourse). Do different models of development in European & Asia play a role in shaping domestic discourses? Is EU and/or DAC membership a mediating factor? We welcome papers from relevant disciplines that address these questions or other questions relevant to both this working group and the conference theme.

Conveners: Dr. Maja Bucar (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana) & Dr. Simon Lightfoot (POLIS, University of Leeds)