Intersections of Youth and Inequality: How does Inequality shape the Identities and Aspirations of Young People in the Global North and South?

This panel addresses the subjective effects of inequality on the lives of young people in the global North and South. The papers span multiple countries and rural and urban settings. They look at the intersecting effects of other (potential) vulnerabilities such as religion, gender and race. They also look at the impacts of these intersections on young people’s aspirations (White, Orkin, Marzi, Hossain and Leavy) and Identities (Locke, Hoechner and di Nunzio). The panel mixes early career researchers, who are nonetheless experienced presenters, with established academics, ensuring empirical and theoretical content (see example abstracts below). As we have more than four papers, we would like to propose two sessions, possibly around the twin themes of aspirations and inequality.