Plenaries & Lectures

Speakers: EADI has invited high-level speakers to inform the audience about the current research and the newest insights into Development Studies.

EJDR Lecture: In 2014, the first public lecture delivered at the EADI General Conference is in the honor of the 25th anniversary of the European Journal of Development Research.

Dudley Seers Lecture: Traditionally, the EADI General Conference hosts the Dudley Seers Lecture which is delivered by a different renowned speaker every time. In 2014, François Bourguignon bethinks “50 Years of Development and Development Economics”.

Plenary 1: Global Middle Classes as Development Actors in a Polycentric World

Plenary 2: Tackling Inequality through ‘Responsible Development’

Plenary 3: Re-defining Citizenship in Contemporary Development DiscourseGC2014-InfoGraphic_2_Plenaries