Accommodation in Bonn

If you stay for the whole conference, you can make reservations for accommodation at the conference centre via the Registration Tool. Otherwise you will have to find your own accommodation in Bonn.

If you want to book via the Tourism Agency of Bonn, please proceed to their Booking Tool. There you can select from a wide range of hotels in the city of Bonn. Using this customised page, you have the advantage of receiving a free ticket for the public transport system in Bonn. Hence, commuting to the conference centre and back to you hotel will not be of any additional costs.

In addition to the Booking Tool, we would like to point out two more affordable accommodations and possibly a slightly more innovative and creative way of spending your time in Bonn:

Youth Hostel_BonnThe city’s Youth Hostel offers rooms for small prices. It is situated slightly outside of town, yet it is easy to reach the conference centre by using the public transport system.


Basecamp_BonnThe Bonner Basecamp is an innovative and stylish place to stay at. Booking your own camper van you can feel like camping just enjoying a little more luxury.  Only two metro-stops from the conference centre, you can  walk to the conference and back.