FAQ: Press

Thank you very much for your accreditation at the 14th General Conference of EADI. Enclosed you will find some information concerning the General Conference.


Kindly inform us in advance if you wish to interview some of the speakers so that we can inform them beforehand. More detailed arrangements are carried out on an individual basis.

Press room

The conference website (www.gc2014.org) offers a press room where press releases can be found.

Press conferences

A press conference has been scheduled for Tuesday 24th June at 11:15am. Further details will be sent to you via email and will also be displayed in the press room.

Daily coverage

On the conference website (www.gc2014.org) reports of the various panels and workshops will be published daily.

Conference Blog

For participants who cannot attend the conference – in the first place scholars from developing countries – a blog exclusively on conference sessions and debates. The blogs will be run by EADI as well as The Broker, our official media partners. The blog will be available from 23 June 2014.


Being an accredited journalist you are registered automatically and have access to all sessions of the conference. You can register here.

Conference USB

All working group papers will be available on a conference USB as well as in the password-protected conference web. Please contact me in order to obtain access to this part of the conference website.

Contact persons

Contact persons during the conference are Joan Okitoi and Susanne von Itter (Press Center: Room 34).