FAQ: Paper Management

Submission process

The submission process is a three stage process:
1. Submission and review of abstract
2. Upload of paper, review of the paper
3. Upload of final paper for accepted papers.


15 March 2014: Deadline for papers
Early April: Acceptance of papers
2 May 2014: Deadline for final papers
End of May: Publication of conference/working group programme for registered conference participants
Conference: 23 – 26 June 2014

How to use the Online Submission Tool?

Login to the Online Paper Submission Tool

Create a new Account: You have to create a user account in order to use any facilities of the Online Submission Tool. Go to the Online Submission Tool and follow the “Register New” link under “New Account”. After filling in the required fields of the web form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with your account details. You do not have to create a new user account for each paper you submit. The same user account can be used for multiple submissions.

Login to the Online Submission System: Depending on the phase of the submission and review process you will see different options after logging in. If you have already submitted papers, you can always access the list with your submissions and see their status. If you have forgotten your password a new one can be obtained through the “Forgotten your password?” link.

Submit a New Contribution: Select “Your Submissions” and select the Working Group Session where you want to submit your abstract. You will also have the possibility to update your submission and upload newer versions until the submission deadline. A paper upload facility will be available after acceptance of your abstract. A number will be assigned to your submission, please use this number for further reference.

Paper Upload: Login to your Conftool account, then go to “Your submissions”, select the submission where you would like to upload a paper. On the right navigation, click on “Upload”. Then you can upload your paper.

Update Contribution Details: Until the submission deadline, you can update your contribution details, upload new versions of the contribution, or withdraw the contribution. The last uploaded version at the time of the submission deadline will be considered for review, unless the contribution is withdrawn.

Submission of Papers: Guidelines for Formatting and Paper Cover

The Conference Team has set formatting standards for the submission of final papers. In order to get to know the different prerequisites for formatting your paper, please download the Guidelines_Paper Formatting.

Furthermore, a title page and and abstract page need to be included as the first two pages of your finished paper. Please download the GC2014_Paper Cover_Title and Abstract Page and add it to your document, before uploading the finished paper von ConfTool.

Will my submitted paper be published?

This question cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Your submitted paper has to be uploaded on ConfTool so that all registered participants of the conference have access to it in a password-protected area. However, this does not mean that it is automatically published in a Journal. Authors, who want to publish their papers, can submit it to EADI’s European Journal of Development Research (EJDR). In addition to that some Working Groups and Panels have their own publication strategies. They will approach the authors individually to agree on a publication in a magazine, a special issue and/or a book series.

Can I submit an abstract to a Panel?

No, you cannot. For the upcoming EADI General Conference, abstracts can only be submitted in response to the Calls for Papers by the EADI Working Groups. Panels invite selected researchers and presenters to participate in their panels. More detailed information about the invited researchers will be published on this website soon.