FAQ: Membership

What are the perks of becoming an EADI member just before the conference?

When registering for the conference, you can choose to become an EADI-member. As a member you benefit frombeing a part of a pan-European network that provides you with invitations to conferences, workshops and information sessions of more than 150 European institutes. In addition to a free copy of every published Journal of the EJDR you receive access to the latest research on development, the gateway to the cutting-edge online publications of the EADI member institutes.

For the year of 2014, and especially for the special occasion EADI’s 40th birthday, everyone who is joining EADI as a member before the General Conference, receive a “Jubilee Membership” lasting until the end of the year 2015. For a special price, you therefore do not only receive the benefits mentioned above, but you also enjoy it for half a year longer!